Private Escape Room Search for Stone of Destiny in Brisbane

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  • 1 hr

Much like the other Arcana, the Wand of Illumination and the Elixir of Life, the Stone of Destiny is said to imbue the holder with supernatural talents. It is written in legend that the Stone of Destiny bestows the bearer with wisdom beyond measure and the ability to divine the truth about both things that have passed and things that are yet to come. This adventure is most suitable for those seeking a true challenge, to find an artefact whose very existence is marked by extraordinary knowledge. Only the most wise and observant of adventurers are likely to find this most prized magical artefact.

Itinerary Details

Help us to retrieve magical relics and legendary artifacts as you step through our portals into fantasy worlds and uncover the multiple mysteries within. Your team has 60-minutes to work together and unravel the mysteries of Arcadium.
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